Vibrant Christianity

Vibrant Christianity

You can lay up no greater store in yourself than that from which will proceed stream of living water.  Have you been to that fountain?  Has the Lord baptized you and gave you part in Him by his Holy Ghost?  What will all the works, we can do in a lifetime, benefit us or others if it be found that we are not in Christ and his Spirit does not dwell within you?

In the Image of Christ - Christina Benjamin

God is with thee in all that thou doest.
Genesis 21 :22

The Law of Kindness - Unknown

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. Pr. 31:26


Sitting on Your Very Own Pity Potty - Unknown

“Don’t bother me; I’m feeling sorry for myself. It’s an all-consuming task.

A Singing Heart - Rachel Weaver

Here are some true examples of what a song can do.

  • I was in the middle of the airport, but there it was—the distinct sound of singing. I looked around and a gentle looking, middle-aged woman was singing softly as she waited for her flight. She was singing a hymn that I knew and it cheered my heart and blessed my day. I told her so and it blessed her day.

  • He made his living at house repairs and went to all kinds of homes in the course of a week. He also heard all kinds of things at the homes where he went, but today, as he worked he heard a lovely harmony coming from the window over his head. Inside that window two young girls were singing as they did the morning’s dishes. Instead of the fighting and scolding that he often had to listen to, he was treated to uplifting singing. The workman left that place inspired to train his children to sing like that. What a testimony those two girls had even though they did not know it.

The Power Of Christian Song - Unknown

There is something about a fine old hymn

That can touch the heart of a man:

That can reach to the goal of his inmost soul

Such as no mere preaching can.


It’s more than the tune of the song he sings

And it’s more than the poet’s rhyme—

It’s the Spirit of God working through those things

That gives them their power sublime.


So we thank you, Lord, for the power of song

May we use it again and again

As we seek to save from a hopeless grave

The souls of our fellow men!


Taken from "The Heartbeat of the Remnant"

Fragments - Rachel Weaver

Many, many of us mothers struggle with how to use the fragments of time that we have. We become discouraged because we do not have whole days or hours of time to offer God.

Our days are fragmented. Our quiet time and prayers are often interrupted along with our sleep. Often we become frustrated. We long for time to read our Bibles and pray without interruptions. We wonder when we will have a whole night’s sleep again. We wish to be able to finish a sewing project or scrub a floor without having to stop, and yet this is seldom the case.

My Soul, Be On Thy Guard - Marcia Zimmerman

By God’s design, we are mothers … with specifically assigned tasks to fulfill. These responsibilities require careful attention and surrendered hearts, both of which can only happen when we are awake and keenly aware of our surroundings.

Creatively Practicing the Presence of God - Krystal Yoder

He is risen as He said!” Our God is alive. He is available for you and I. Every day is His—and I am His child. I want to walk in the light as He is in the light and glorify Jesus in all that I do and say. This article is about how to communicate with the best friend that I have. It came to my attention just when I needed it. I was feeling pressure to get my column finished and at the same time facing an energy crisis. I had no idea how I would find the extra time to bless you all and yet. . . God is so faithful. He renewed my spiritual man through the sweet meditations that Krystal shared and gave me something to share with you until I can finish my next article. Read it. Share it. Copy it and hang it in your kitchen, bedroom and/or bathroom to ponder and meditate on. (Krystal has walked through the valley of sorrow. She mothered and gave up a little one who was ill all of her short life. Truly, fellowship with the Master is learned as we lean on Him.)

My Obituary - Rachel Weaver

What would you think if one morning upon waking you were to read your own obituary in the paper? This actually happened to Alfred Nobel, originator of the famous Nobel Prizes in the late 1800s.

A Godly Woman - Janice Etter

The Bible speaks to everyone who follows in the Way,
But some parts are specific in the things they have to say.
The fathers are encouraged, and those alone in life,
And there are admonitions for the mother and the wife.

I always linger over these; they speak to my estate.
They offer me direction in the small things and the great.
To be a godly woman is the goal I want to reach,
And so I need to study what the Scriptures have to teach.

Stop, I Want to Get Off! - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Some time ago, I asked the women who were attending a weekend conference where I was speaking, to write on a 3x5 card why they had come, and what it was they were hoping God would do in their lives through the weekend. "Where does God find you as we start this weekend?" I asked.

Godly Homes of the Martyrs - Denny Kenaston

A deep love and commitment to Jesus Christ brings an overflow of grace and power into a life. This grace and power brings influence on the world of souls around us. Sometimes this fragrance is sweet to the seeking heart, and sometimes it is a stench to the hard and impenitent. All who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. This suffering brings more grace, a deeper love for God, and more burdens for the lost. In time, this process makes a powerful, dynamic church, which is the body of Christ on the earth. The annals of church history are scattered with testimonies of this upflaming of God’s people, fueled with the effects of persecution.

Day by Day - Rachel Weaver

Day by Day, by Rachel Weaver

What a beautiful thought! Each day brings enough strength for the things we have to face. If we look back at Exodus 16:4, this thought is exemplified for us in the manna given to the children of Israel.



'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ
That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.'

The Heart of the Matter - Rachel Weaver




I have been thinking a lot about the verse, “And yet I show unto you a more excellent way.” (1 Co. 12:31) What is this way? It is the way of perfect love.We knew that all the time, didn’t we? But what does Paul really mean and why does he feel a need to say it that way? I have been pondering all this, then last night God dropped a tiny book into my hands, Love—The Greatest Thing in the World, written by Henry Drummond. As I was listening to someone read it aloud, I realized that what the author was saying was the answer to my ponderings. I will quote from the book, changing the old English form somewhat.

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